Rosetta probe Philae discovers organic molecules on comet

Wall Street Journal By Gautam Naik The probe that landed on the surface of a comet has discovered organic molecules, the most rudimentary building blocks of life, according to the German agency involved in the mission. An instrument aboard the Philae lander detected the molecules after “sniffing” the comet’s atmosphere. […]


Apollo 11 Moon Landing & Space Shuttle Party

Mission Status (Last Call) Join us at a luncheon celebration to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon (July 20, 1969) and 30 Years (1981-2011) of Supporting Space Shuttle missions.

Space station experiment identifies microbes that can survive unprotected in space

by Will Parker Scientists conducting a series of experiments on the International Space Station say that some micro-organisms can survive for long periods exposed to the hostile environment of outer space. The findings, published in the Astrobiology Journal, lend weight to the concept of panspermia, where life on Earth emerged […]

Polonnaruwa – Hard evidence of panspermia, or bad science?

Sounds exciting, but we’re skeptical so far. POLONNARUWA METEORITE WITH EVIDENCE OF LIFE FROM OUTER SPACE DESCRIBED THE MOST IMPORTANT FIND IN 500 YEARS Posted on January 13th, 2013 by Walter Jayawardhana A meteorite that Landed recently, close to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka has been described […]

Evidence grows on extraterrestrial origins of Earth life.

Still more compelling evidence: Other than its unfortunate headline, “We’re all aliens… how humans began life in outer space“, this new article from Steve Connor at The Independent is a compendium of a few of the highlights of our favorite subject here at CosmicSeed.  Rather than being an announcement about […]

Water carried on asteroids – common

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent | Oct 9, 2010 Frozen water on asteroids may be more common than previously thought, according to new research that will help to support the idea they might have carried the key ingredient for life to the Earth. Water ice and organic molecules that help […]